Seedling Pots

Seedlings are fragile. They need all the help they can get. Which is why I have listed three cool gardening tricks to help make your seedlings thrive.

Eggshell seedling pot

This is certainly one of the coolest gardening tricks I have ever seen. Every gardener needs some seedling pots and a super portable pot can be made of eggshells. Just empty a few eggs and use the eggshells as a seedling pot. The eggshell pot adds high quality calcium, magnesium etc. to the soil. This will help make your seedlings grow strong roots giving them a bigger chance to survive the transportation to the garden – the phase that is most risky for many plants.

Citrus seedling pot

Much the same as with the eggshell pot, you can carve out a large lemon to make a cool citrus peel seedling pot. The citrus peel helps to regulate the acidity level of the soil. And acidity levels are important, as you may know.

Paper pots

Plastic is bad, basically. So why not use an environment friendly alternative instead? But perhaps the citrus peel and eggshell pots are too much hassle for you? Then perhaps you should try making paper pots. You can use coffee filters or just normal paper. It is actually really simple. Read detailed instructions here.